About Me

Chloe Moore

After many years of thinking about designing and crafting jewellery, it was time to finally sign up to a jewellery making workshop. I attended a “how to make a silver ring in one day” workshop and the day after that I was straight on google to buy my own tools. Self-taught on YouTube, I started making jewellery as a hobby for myself. After lots of experimenting I decided to turn my hobby into my very own business.

Growing up in Scotland, Canada and Germany really influenced my style, being surrounded by beautiful countryside made my love for nature and what occurs from nature even stronger. I was inspired by the deep green tones and textures found in forests, the stunning blue and green colours from the aurora borealis across the night sky and the earthy amber landscape tones seen in the countryside.

I use recycled Sterling Silver 925 and Fine Silver 999 to set gemstones, crystals and sea glass, I try to reuse as many off cuts as possible to avoid unnecessary waste and keep my workshop as eco-friendly as possible.