Copper Bangle


Image of Copper Bangle

Copper, textured bangle.

Price is for one bangle only.

20% discount when 2 or more bangles are bought at the same time with code COPPER.

Please note these bangles have a gap at the back so they are easier to get on and off. Can be size small, medium or large, but will have give in any of the sizes due to the gap.

Since 100% of copper can be recycled without any loss of its original mined quality, it is the third most recycled metal. Over 80% of the copper mined since it was discovered thousands of years ago is still in use today.

The healing properties of copper are an enzymatic chemical reaction positively involving the body’s own chemistry.

Copper metal is known as a warm stone. Its mineral composition balances the energies received from the cool moon and the warm sun, warding off any negative thoughts. By wearing copper, it enhances your ability to express yourself and accept your genuine emotions, regardless of the situation. If you feel angry, anxious, or aggressive, the stones’ calming energy will calm down all these emotions.


Image of Copper Bangle Image of Copper Bangle Image of Copper Bangle Image of Copper Bangle